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Lyrics by Bruce Brown

"I Grew Up To Be A Kid"


I was always afraid and shy,
never did what a kid should try,
I never played any games like kick the can,
never ran through a sprinkler, or thought I was Superman,
But I've seen the light and I'm proud to say,
it's so nice to go out and play,
after doing some reviewing, meet the new me, 
I Grew Up To Be A Kid

Kinda strange to see such a change in me,
I'm ridin' high cuz bein' shy was just a stage,
From a doom and gloomer, to a late bloomer,
I'm through acting my age,
it took a little time,
but now I'm where I want to be,
havin' fun, that's the key to me,
I'm really glad I decided, to do what I did,
I Grew Up To Be A Kid

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