Love Finds You

"Love Finds You" is an album of fifteen original songs by Bruce Brown. It is sung by the composer and backed by some of the world's finest musicians. 


If you're new to Bruce's work, the thing to know is this: it pays to listen closely. Let Bruce's lyrics draw you in. They are stories very personal and relevant, mostly told by a cast of characters who seem instantly familiar. Part Bruce. Part all of us.

Bruce Brown - piano, voice 

Dave Hocker - Drums 

Dave Carpenter - Bass 

Richie Gajate-Garcia - Percussion

Larry Koonse - Guitar 

Glen Berger - Saxophone

Ron Stout - Trumpet

Steve Crum - Trumpet (You're Here)

Penny Watson - Winds

Released in 2005.

I Believe It



Bruce Brown - piano, voice 

Hamish Stuart - Drums 

Jonathan Zwartz - Bass 

Steve Brien - Guitar 

Gordon Brisker - Saxophone, Woodwinds

Don Rader - Trumpet

Steve Crum - Trumpet (You're Here)

Penny Watson - Winds

Bruce recorded 'I Believe It' at Sony Music Studios, Sydney, in 2000.

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Nobody's Foolin' Anyone



This is an album for anyone who likes music with great humour. It combines fun, and occasionally shocking, lyrics that bring to mind Cole Porter’s work and fantastic jazz musicians.

The album features Bruce's composition 'It’s A Good Time (To Be A Man)' - a finalist for the APRA Best Jazz Composition 2017.

Bruce Brown - piano, voice 
John Rae - Drums 
Tom Warrington - Bass 
Noel Clayton - Guitar 
Roger Mannins - Saxophone

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It's A Good Time (To Be

© 2020 by Bruce Brown.

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